Welcome to the temporary "Elaborate Designs" page! As someone who dabbles in art, writing and programming, with two years of nuts-and-bolts-centric web design courses behind me (and a slightly less useful five years of molecular genetics studies) I consider myself well qualified to deal with HTML, PHP, MySQL etc. (Note: I can also deal with CSS, but mostly I don't consider it worth the head-ache, so if possible, I'll gladly leave that to experts, using a framework or something.)

Current things happening

About Roland

Roland Hansson has a hard time settling down. After studies in chemistry, genetics, programming and webdesign, after learning to write and how to draw - he keeps on flitting to and fro. A recurring motif is for him to desire something, learn just enough about it to accomplish a clever hack, and then go on to something else. His first website was made before learning HTML, by looking at source code from other websites that looked SORTA like what he had in mind, finding the elements they had in common, then going from there. Smart, but by no means a genius, Roland considers his strong point to be the ability to phrase a problem or fact simply enough that it fits into his head without problems - and incidentally. into most anybody else's. His self-professed weakness is a Jack-of-all-trades mentality in a time where specialization is what's valued.